Opel’s Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann joins XING Expert Community

Digital CEO connects with XING’s ten million mainly German-speaking professionals


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Rüsselsheim.  Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann is known as the digital CEO. The boss of Opel is one of the leading heads of industry on Twitter and now XING, the network for professionals. The editors at XING are positioning Neumann among the first “Industry Insiders” on their new news platform. Neumann will connect in particular with German speaking professionals, as they represent the main audience of the more than 10 million users of the channel.

“XING’s proposal to join the ‘Industry Insiders’ program is an opportunity I didn’t want to miss. I am looking forward to reaching out to the German speaking professionals on this network and sharing my insights with them,” said Dr. Neumann.

“Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann is one of the leading and progressive thinkers not only in the car industry, but also with regard to the digital transformation,” explained XING CEO, Dr. Thomas Vollmoeller. “Therefore, we are extremely happy that, as of now, he will be sharing his insights with our members.”

As a member of XING’s “Industry Insider” program, Neumann will regularly give insights into trends and how they are set in motion; why creative minds enjoy working in the automotive industry; and what opportunities engineers have to shape the future of an entire industry.

Neumann’s contributions to XING will further strengthen his digital presence. His activities on several channels underline the approachability of the brand and provide further support to Opel’s social media and human resources activities.

The strong online presence of Opel’s CEO is proof of the dynamism with which new communication opportunities are adopted within the company. Neumann published his first tweet on July 31, 2013. In the meantime, he has surpassed 12,000 followers with his account @KT_Neumann and his social media activities have become the blue print for digital CEO communications. Besides Twitter, the Opel CEO is active on LinkedIn as well as YouTube with his KTN-Videocasts.

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Dr. Neumann on XING

The digital CEO: Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann connects with XING’s ten million mainly German-speaking professionals.

Dr. Neumann on XING

Approachable: Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann is one of the leading heads of industry on Twitter and now XING.