Zaragoza Plant. Facts and Figures

Location: Figueruelas, Zaragoza
Employees: 5,040
Products: Corsa three-door, five-door, Corsa Van, Meriva, Mokka
Total site area : 3,101,891 m²

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At a glance

In 1982 GM opened a new assembly plant in Zaragoza (Spain) to build the Opel Corsa. In 1988 it was the first industrial plant worldwide establishing a third production shift – the night shift. Throughout its history, GM España has produced the following Opel vehicles: Corsa, Kadett, Astra, Tigra, Combo, Meriva and Mokka. More than ten million vehicles and over three million components have been produced at the Zaragoza Plant.

The Opel plant in Zaragoza has been very significant for the national automotive industry, helping to place Spain as the third vehicle producer in Europe.

The commitment to quality and the environment is a constant in GM España. Several reports of independent organizations guarantee GM España´s quality products. For instance, the Opel Meriva achieved the lowest defect rate in a TÜV report 2007 and the Opel Corsa is “The Most Reliable vehicle” according to a DEKRA report 2010.

Opel in Spain also sell the full range of Opel products, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles, besides the ones produced in Zaragoza.

History of Plant Zaragoza

  • 1979 Ground breaking
  • 1982 Start of production, 1st Opel Corsa generation
  • 1983 Implementation of the second shift
  • 1986 Start of production Opel Kadett
  • 1988 Implementation of the third shift (First one in the World)
  • 1993 Launch of the 2nd Opel Corsa generation
  • 1994 Start of production Opel Tigra
  • 2000 Launch of the 3rd Opel Corsa generation
  • 2003 First Opel Meriva produced in January
  • 2006 Assignment of 2nd Opel Meriva generation
    Launch of the 4th Opel Corsa generation
  • 2007 Start of production Combo
    Corsa 8,000,000 in August and 25th Anniversary
    Yearly Historical Production Record with 485,857 units
  • 2008 World’s largest rooftop solar power station installed
  • 2009 Unit  10,000,000 / Corsa  ecoFLEX  in  April
    One-millionth Meriva produced in July
    First Auto Company Certified in Quality Advanced Management
  • 2010 New Opel Meriva start of production in April
  • 2011 100,000 new generation Meriva just in 10 months
  • 2012 Zaragoza plant celebrate its 30th birthday.
  • 2013 Opel announces start of production of the successful mini SUV Mokka at Zaragoza plant for the second half of 2014